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Lefteris Ninios

Managing Director

Lefteris is an architect who studied both Bachelor's and Master's Degree at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

He has worked in both UK and European environments and since 2019 he is working alongside Pavlos Ninios under the aegis of CAPE NINIOS.

In 2021 he co-founded PEN Constructions company with Panos Ninios who is a civil-engineer. Today, they are working in Greece on multi-purpose projects in the design and construction sector synergising with various disciplines of the construction industry.

PEN Constructions focuses on Design and Build of residential, retail and leisure developments. 

Masterplanning, concept design, rennovations, consulting and construction are the general areas of expertise

Lefteris speaks Greek, English, French and a spice of Italian. He is the prowd owner of Keira (his dog) and loves to design casual clothing in his free time.

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